SUSY Asylum

SUSY Asylum
Series: The Lorne Family Vault, Book 2
Genre: YA Dark Modern Fantasy
ASIN: 061579047X
ISBN: 061579047X
Oliver and Desiree had their fun gallivanting through Provex City, as well as learn of a mythical asylum for inter-plane travelers such as themselves. When Oliver uncovers the truth, he finds himself facing his worst fears with no hope of escape.
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About the Book

In SUSY Asylum, there is no release. There is no escape. No hope.

Provex City is a wonder of beautiful treasures, enticing Oliver and Desiree to return. Oliver also learns how powerful the Lorne family really is, even with Kafka gone. They seem to have a hand in everything, as well as the keys to the kingdom with just a flash of the family crest.

Oliver and Desiree make a new friend, Darius Fitz, who introduces them to the writings of a mysterious blogger, Commodore Chaos. This blogger claims Lorne loyalists are snatching inter-plane travelers and delivering them to the Lorne run SUSY Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

When there is another sudden disappearance, Oliver begins to take the conspiracy blogger’s warnings more seriously and sets out to find the mythical asylum himself. Seek and ye shall find. But Oliver is not ready for the horrors that await him there.

Oliver’s belief in himself is waning. Desiree will not always be by his side. Mr. Gordon will not always come to his aid. Oliver finds himself alone, forced to confront his biggest fears, fight his inner demons, and face the very cold reality that no one is coming to save him.

Welcome to SUSY Asylum.

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